Extended Day Programs

Early Risers (7:30am-9:00am)

We roll out the welcome mat promptly at 7:30am. Mornings are important; they set the tone for the entire day. A quiet and comforting arrival time gives children a chance to start the day at their own pace and easily transition to the start of the school day. Early birds who arrive before 8:00 am are encouraged to bring breakfast to enjoy at school.

Afternoon Adventures (3:00pm – 6:00pm)

Afternoons at WFCH are designed to be exciting. The afternoon adventures’ curriculum is explored through art, science, food exploration, movement, games and fun, fun, fun!
Extended day programs (Early Risers and Afternoon Adventures) are available for daily drop-in however, spaces are limited.
*Pricing for Extended day program: 18-month old, Two-year old and Early Childhood programs are available when you tour WFCH. Visit here to schedule a tour.