Enrichment Programs


During the week, children explore the excitement of speaking a foreign language. Through small group instruction, both active and passive vocabularies increase. Self-confidence soars as the child realizes his or her ability to speak and understand a language other than his or her own.
Music is incorporated throughout the school day. All children listen to a variety of musical styles and learn about the composers. They make their own music using rhythm instruments, sing traditional children’s songs, and act out finger plays.
Art is a critical part of the early childhood program. It is incorporated throughout the day, blending instructional and creative techniques. Children learn about famous artists and their works. Art experiences include following a set procedure for projects as well as free expression using paint, finger-paint, clay, pencils, markers, crayons, etc.
The opportunity to develop physically is an important component in the school’s program. Emphasis in physical education includes activities from the following strand areas: health and fitness, motor coordination, pre-sport skills, group games and gymnastics, through our movement class.
The Drama program is designed to provide expressive experiences in the dramatic arts. Our little thespians develop self-confidence from being “on-stage” as they act out a variety of stories and scenes. The children are exposed to different literary forms as they analyze stories, discuss plots, settings, characters and learn to write their own character lines! (*available to third year students only).
Cooking class is part of our Afternoon Adventures program. Students are introduced to a variety of foods. Our students learn about nutritious eating habits and they are invited to make healthy, creative meals for a snack. Through our cooking class, children are encouraged to smell, taste, feel and prepare attractive, fun and yummy foods.
Outdoor Play
Each day’s busy schedule includes plenty of time for active outdoor play on our playground. We also have open spaces for riding bikes, running, jumping, climbing, etc.
Optional Specialist Programs:
The children experience many enriching activities that add to their lives and give a pleasant intermission from the daily routine experiences within the Montessori classroom. Beyond the activities that are already incorporated into the curriculum, we offer special programs run by independent instructors.
You will find short descriptions of the optional specialist programs listed below: 
Soccer shots is a nationally recognized program that offers a high-energy, fun, and age appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer for children ages 3 to 6 years old. The coaches work on improving children’s gross motor skills and teaching children important concepts such as teamwork, sharing, and respect.
Dance/ Ballet
The dance program’s focus is to ensure that students of varying abilities are exposed to an education in the art form of dance. The dance teacher choreographs warm-ups and routines that introduce the students to fundamental movements and terminology of both ballet and tap. Every year the skills of the returning more experienced students are refined.
The karate program, known as the Lil’ Dragon Program, is offered to children 3 to 6 years of age and is run by an external vendor. Instructors come to WFCH once a week to teach the hour-long class.  Classes focus on teaching conflict education, character development, and teaching kids to respect their bodies, as well as for others.
Piano classes are offered to our 4, 5, and 6 year old children. Lessons occur once per week for thirty minutes and are one-on-one with the music specialist. Children are sequentially introduced to fundamental musical concepts. In addition, time is devoted in each lesson to student composition and exploration of the piano itself. This activity helps children with coordination and development of fine motor skills.
Field Trips
Classes will take occasional field trips during the school year. Notices will be sent home in advance to let parents know the details of the trip. Parents who volunteer to chaperone field trips will be responsible for supervising children in addition to their own. Unfortunately, the school is unable to accommodate siblings on field trips.  WFCH will not assign children to other parent drivers.  Parents are only responsible for driving their own child.