WFCH Educational Goals

The educational goal of WFCH is to open the doors to a world of learning by providing a carefully planned, stimulating environment, which will help our students to develop an excellent foundation for creative learning. The specific goals for the children who attend our program can be simply put as follows:
  • Exploring each child’s ability to develop a positive attitude toward school

Most of the learning activities are individualized; for example, each child engages in a learning task that particularly appeals to them because they find the activity to be geared to their personal needs and level of readiness. Consequently, the child works at his or her own pace and repeats the task as often as they like, allowing them to experience a series of successful achievement. In this manner, they build a positive attitude toward the act of learning itself.
  • Helping each child develop self confidence

At WFCH, tasks are designed so that each new step is built upon what the child has already mastered, thus removing the negative experience of frequent failure. A carefully orchestrated series of successes builds upon inner confidence in the child, assuring them that they can learn by themselves. These confidence-building activities likewise contribute to the child’s healthy emotional development.
  • Assisting each child in building a habit of concentration

Effective learning presupposes the ability to listen carefully and to attend to what is said or demonstrated. Through a series of absorbing experiences, the child forms habits of extended attention, thereby increasing his ability to concentrate.
  • Fostering an abiding curiosity

In a rapidly changing society, we will be students for our entire lives. A deep, persistent, and abiding curiosity is a prerequisite for creative learning. By providing each child with opportunities to discover qualities, dimensions, and relationships, amidst a rich variety of stimulating learning situations, curiosity is developed and an essential element in creative learning has been established.
  • Developing habits of taking initiative and maintaining persistence

By surrounding the child with appealing materials and learning activities geared to his inner needs, they become accustomed to engaging in activities on their own. Gradually, this results in a habit of initiative – an essential quality in leadership. “Ground rules” call for completing a task once begun which gradually results in a habit of perseverance.
  • Fostering inner security and a sense of order in the child

Under the guidance of a certified Montessori teacher, learning is individualized and self-paced. Each classroom provides a stimulating environment for 20 to 30 children ranging from 3 to 6 years of age. Emphasis is placed on task analysis and development of a logical and ordered thought process. Each classroom activity is executed from beginning to end with careful attention to the accuracy of sequence and process.
We are currently enrolling for the 2024-25 school year beginning August 26,2024.Apply here