Toddler Program

Toddler Program: 18-month to 36 month-Old Program

The environment for our growing 18-36 month-old children is professionally designed to help them feel secure and comfortable in their home-away-from-home. Their well-equipped, self-contained room with high visibility and a 1:4 teacher to child ratio guarantees opportunities for plenty of the individual attention you desire for your child. Our cozy surroundings and caring staff plan a day full of creative and stimulating activities. Our curriculum centers on age-appropriate materials and activities that develop control, order, concentration, and independence. Maria Montessori believed this was because by means of this “work” upon the environment, children were actually creating “themselves,” their own minds and personalities within the framework of their genetics and biology.
What makes our Montessori 18-36 month-old program so unique is that the prepared environment offers the opportunity for young children to exert their need for independence. From low shelving and toddler-sized furniture to materials especially designed to entice each child’s individual developmental needs, the toddler community is carefully set up to be warm and inviting to these small explorers. Time for learning skills of independence is offered daily and includes activities such as care of self, care of environment, language exploration, fine and gross motor activities, and exercise of daily living.
Our 18-36 month-old program is an exciting place for both children and adults. All materials are placed neatly in trays or little baskets to help define the child’s space. Each material, or “work” as it is most commonly called, has an objective. These materials help to create a sense of order, build concentration, draw attention to details, develop hand-eye coordination, strengthen fine and gross motor skills, instill pride in accomplishing a task, and foster the child’s self esteem and independence. It sharpens the child’s ability to solve problems and develop language skills. To attain these goals, it is important that parents know the fine details that make our program unique.
Toilet training is a core part of our 18-36 month-old program. By the time a child is 2½ years of age, there are usually various cues or signs of readiness. However, in some cases, toilet training is delayed and the teacher becomes involved. Timing is usually very crucial; there is no use in trying to toilet train a child before he or she is physically and emotionally mature enough, or in trying to force the child before he or she is otherwise ready. This will only stall the process.

White Flint Children's House is thrilled to offer FREE tuition for toddlers (18 months - 3 years) thanks to Montgomery County's EquiCare Grant! Contact us for more information and to apply today.Click to learn more!